Some questions about importing


I have been playing around with Devonthink pro for a week and I find it fascinating, it might be the organizing tool I’ve been looking for. I have a couple of questions though (excuse me if they have been answered, the search tool doesn’t work that well):

  1. Import from Web
    a. File types: as far as I know the difference between importing as HTML or as a Webarchive is that the Webarchive kind will save pictures, whereas HTML saves formatting and text only and also makes text searchable, is that assumption correct?
    b. Sorter: I like it a lot but it only allows me to save websites as Webarchives, is there any way to change that behavior (to save as PDF or HTML) or to actually decide on the fly the file type I want?
    c. Bookmarklets: Bookmarklets actually solve the problem with the sorter, but the problem I have with them is that they also switch focus to Devonthink, the behaviour I’m looking for is: click on the bookmarklet (PDF, Archive, HTML) -> visual/audible cue that the page has been added, and the focus never leaves Safari. Is that possible?

  2. Delicious
    I have successfully imported my Delicious bookmarks to Devonthink and batch convert some of them (based on tags) to Webarchive, thanks to the Script “convert to webarchive” but I have not been able to find a way to convert the bookmarks directly to HTML, (I have found a workaround though, convert to webarchive, then Data > Convert > to HTML)

  3. Bug?
    I have a recurring problem: from time to time the same PDF+Text file pops up in my global inbox.

Thanks for your help

Yes. Web archives contain additional resources like images, scripts or stylesheets.

No. The system is activating DEVONthink and there’s no way to block this.

thanks for you help, I actually solved the problem using the Safari specific scripts and assigning a shortcut to them with Quicksilver.