Some simple dropbox sync queries

Apologies if these are obvious questions I’ve missed! But<

  1. Do you still need to close a database (that is sync’d to Dropbox) before you open it on another computer? I have about 8 databases that I always leave open.
  2. I noticed when I have sync’d to Dropbox on my mac mini, all my databases on my Macbook appear under ‘Remote’. Presumably I can simply open each database on my Macbook and any changes I make will now sync with Dropbox and appear on my Mac Mini and vice versa?

I think the answers are ‘No’ and ‘Yes’, but just wanted confirmation before I do anything that might be stupid!

No, both the new sync of DEVONthink 2.9 and the former sync (version 2.5-2.8.11) don’t require this. This was only necessary if the database was located in the Dropbox folder and synchronized by the

If the databases exist already on the MacBook, then just open them and enable the checkbox. Otherwise you have to import them first.