some sort of (upgrade?) sale going on?

2014-10-02 03.42.47 pm.png

Why is DTP (2.7.7) showing me the “Buy Now” link in this image? It resolves to an order page on the DT site. I haven’t seen any email about there being a sale on upgrades, etc. Anyone have an explanation? Thanks.

The version that you are using is not registered, so it is running in trial mode. Check the DEVONthink… menu>License… info to see that the version of the app (Personal, Pro, Pro Office) matches the version that you purchased, and confirm that the window shows your license info.

Thank you. I guess this is an after-effect of reinstalling my OS — all my programs seem to think they are new and unpurchased. Sigh.

If you have lost your license code email message, in DEVONthink’s menubar click on Help > Support Assistant - Retrieve your license. Enter the email address that was used when you purchased registration and you will receive that information.