Some Webarchives are lost... how to restore?

Hello out there.

I had a computer crash and have restored a time machine backup from last week. Besides this I have made one day before the crash a backup of the database.
So I have a one week old filesystem plus a nearly uptodate database. This leads to the point that some files are missing which are shown in the database.

Most of the files I have lost in the last week are webarchives.

No my question:
If I have a working webarchive then there is a button (and also a context menu) to reload (or update) the webarchive, which downloads again the site from the web and overwrites the existing archive.

This would pretty much solve my problem: Click on each lost webarchive and select “reload”. But this button is not active (neither the context menu).
The URL is still shown in the info field as this is stored in the database.

So is there a way to make that button active (tweaking?) or is there another way of forcing it to re-download the site?

Thanks everybody for any ideas.


Can anyone help… please …


If you see the URL in the Info panel, you can launch the browser to that page again by clicking the ‘launch’ button to the right of the URL field, then capture again the current state of the page as a new WebArchive.

But I was wondering why you didn’t revert to the one-day-old backup, instead of to the week-old backup in Time Machine.