Something Funny Happened On The Way To The Forum

I was just about to go into production because for the first time it  's now a piece of cake to restore the V:1.8 database after crashes… and now the bugger locks up on me… beachball sitting there, merrily doing it’s thing…

I was dragging a URL from Safari onto a folder name, something I had done before.

I guess I have to Command|Option|Escape it and suck it and see. Are there other options?

I was too hasty :slight_smile: After half an hour of playing on the beach the ball gave up and all was well.

Confirmed by Command|Shift|Y then Command|Shift|K then Quit, shutdown, restart and launching of DT.

I wonder what the VERIFICATION difference is between Verify & Repair and Backup & Optimise, as part of B&O contains a Verify where the verification process is far shorter in time than the one in V&R.

Also, how useful is V&R really? It has never displayed any hickups in spite of the database being corrupt after crashes. After the last crash in V:1.8 (not DT’s fault) the subsequent start-up message said “Found 702 errors in memory, 4190 file errors and 0 incorrect checksums”, advising me to Rebuild (the) Database. As luck had it the Rebuild locked up. Repeatedly. So I ran a V&R and it went through ok. Odd.

Anyway, I’m a happy chappy again. But I won’t go live for a while yet.

“Backup & Optimize” uses a simplified verification to ensure that the real optimization process can’t crash (as this would corrupt the database files otherwise). E.g. bugs of OS X or third party extensions (for example hacks) can modify DT’s memory and that’s the reason why we’ve added this additional verification (although this slows down things a little bit).