Something like OneNote's "To do" flags?

I am a happy refuge from OneNote land . However, I do miss one feature and hope that there is some easy way to replicate it in DT that I’ve just missed.

Often times while taking notes, an action item will arise that I want to note, such as following up with a speaker on some specific point. In OneNot, I could just insert a “To Do” flag and come back to it later. These are typically not things I want littering my iCal To Do list. Rather, I might come home from a conference and pick some time to take care of the 10-15 action items that I recorded.

I tried highlighting the relevant text, but it appears you can’t search for highlighted text. Labels don’t work, because they refer to the entire document and I just care about a few lines on the document.

Any suggestions? Thanks!

I flag areas of a document I’m editing, or a reminder to do something, with a text string that’s easily searchable both database-wide and within a document.

When editing but unfinished, I’ll insert “EeE”.

To insert a reminder to myself, I’ll insert “RrR”.

To remind myself to check a fact, I’ll insert “CcC”.

When I do an Exact search in my database for those strings, I quickly find all documents into which I’ve inserted such reminders. I’ll delete them when they are no longer necessary.

Note that such flags can be inserted in the Comment field. That’s useful if you want to insert a reminder in a PDF or image document.

Also, you could highlight the areas you need to work on using the Highlight command. To flag documents, use, e.g., labels.


Thank you for the suggestion. The labels at the document level I’ve discovered. I thought about highlighting text, as you suggest, but then could not find how to search for highlighted text. If you can point out how to do so, that would be great and just the answer I was looking for. Thanks!


You cannot search for, say, green highlighed text, but you can jump from one highlighting to the next by using the Go menu.