Sometimes .pdf+text, sometimes .pdf in Devonthink


I print 7 files as .pdf in safari and save the files later in DT.

Some types are .pdf+text
some types only .pdf

The page with the files is:

What’s the reason for different types?


Which Mac OS X version do you use (10.3.9 or 10.4.x) and is pdftotext of PDFKit selected in the PDF & PS preferences? And how did you save the files - did you download them or save them via File > Save As… or did you print them to DTP?

Note: Over here all of the files are imported with text after downloading them and using PDFKit (10.4.x)

I use 10.4.8.

pdfotext is selected in DT.

I did it yesterday and I mean I print the files as pdf in safari and store the files on desktop and move the files in DT.


I didn’t check all of the FotoExpresso files, but I would import them differently. The files that I examined contained clickable links, and I would lose those links were I to print them as PDF. They are already PDFs.

So I’ve created in the Finder a folder that has a Folder Action script attached to it, so that any file I ‘Save As’ from my browser to that folder gets automatically Imported to my open DT Pro database. (That and other scripts and workflows are in the Extras folder in the download disk image for DT Pro and DTPO.)

Now my database holds the ‘original’ PDF, with working hyperlinks.

Once in a while I’ll do some housekeeping and Trash the contents of that scripted folder. There’s no need to duplicate in the Finder the files that I’ve captured to my DT Pro/DTPO database.

Some of those PDF documents have printing restrictions and therefore the text isn’t accessible anymore after printing them to DT Pro. But downloading them and importing the downloaded files should work.