Sorry, backup again

I’m fairly new to Devonthink and really like it, but have been a little confused over backup. I think I’m right in that if you want a ‘full’ backup, i.e. including all your documents you need to create a ‘database archive’. Is that correct?
If it is, is there anyway of automating creating a database archive, say once a week for a number of databases?
I’m backing up my archive databases to Onedrive. Is this OK?
Finally, I’m creating zip files. How do I extract all the documents in an archive database if I ever need to?
Probably been all answered elsewhere (although I have looked).
I’m storing all my documents in Devonthink and using it as a paperless office for bills, contracts etc so I’m a little neurotic about ensuring I have good backups.
Thanks for your help.

We strongly advocate observing proper primary backups using TimeMachine (or similar application) and local external drives. This is your best first line of defense.

Database Archive will create a cloud-safe ZIP file of the entire database, even optimizing it beforehand. This is a normal ZIP that can be decompressed as an other ZIP file. It will decompress to a DEVONthink database file.

Thanks for the quick response. I have Time Machine turned on so should be OK then.
How do I open a devonthink database archive file? Can I extract all the documents from the file in their original format without using Devonthink?

Just double-click the Database Archive file to uncompress it. The result will be a normal database file, and the document files within stored within it can be copied or moved to the Finder in their native filetypes – as is the case with all DEVONthink databases.