Sort by groups first, then date descending

Hi there,

I’ve a lot of entries in a higher level group (folder) in DTTG. When synchronizing, on a per folder level, I currently need to tap sort, sort by created. Then tap sort again, sort by created to have it in descending order. Then I need to manually scroll all the way up to the top of the list.

Only to then note that now the subfolders are somewhere among the records.

How can I sort such that the subfolders are shown first, in ascending order by name, and then the records, in descending order by creation - and have that as a default sort for the whole database?

Thank you!

Ah, to answer a part of my own question, there’s a database setting “groups first” which, while not sorting them alphabetically, at least puts them to the top. Also, apparently (not sure yet), the sort direction on a higher level folder applies to subfolders.

So great, then only if we could sort the folders / groups by name, that would be great.

I have groups on top and sorting by name is keeping them on top…

And in descending order, the groups are sorted independently of the documents…