Sort order alphabetically regardless of file or folder type

In Devon Think 2, sorting by name integrated both files and folders in an alphabetical list. In this new version, sorting by name always puts the folders first followed by any files. Can we get a true alphabetical sort of the files and folders?

In OSX sort by “Name” handles folders and files as a true alphabetical list. If you want the folders first, you click on “Kind”




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Duh. Thanks!

:stuck_out_tongue: No worries!

Is there a way to have it keep groups on top in some groups (just as we can choose unsorted, named, etc), and not in others – or is it an all or nothing deal?

I can work with it either way, just making sure I understand completely.


But you could use menu View > Show Only Documents.

From help Documentation > Menus > The View Menu:

Show Only Documents: When checked, this hides groups and smart groups in List and Icons views. Note this is a per-database setting, i.e., you can enable or disable it for each open database.

If you assign a shortcut (via macOS system preferences or CustomShortcuts) to menu Show Only Documents it’s easy to toggle it.

(When I use this menu and forget to change it back I’ll later get confused because I don’t see groups that should be there … so be aware :slight_smile: )

(For other readers: The Keep groups on top when sorting preference was moved from Preferences > General to Preferences > General > Interface)

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