sortable due dates

I saw someone asking about this in the Sorter thread, and I thought I’d share my recent discovery here (via another thread on organizing history notes.)

The “Set Creation/Modification Date” script that can be found here: … ripts.html, allows you to add a custom date column to your data . . . which allows for a sortable due date column. I’ve been using this to manage job applications and it works very well. Hope you find this helpful.


Matt - got the script, but not sure how you use it. Do you add a “Modification Date” column and use those dates as Due Dates? That wouldn’t really work for me, because I have relatively few due dates. Interested to read about your methodology …

  • another Matt

Yes, that’s it. I just add a date created column, select a document, run script, assign a date, then I can sort my documents in ascending or descending order by date. For me it means I can throw a job advertisement into devonthink, assign a due date, and not worry about letting the deadline pass. I can imagine many uses for this, with different types of information. The problem being that there is no way to tell the difference between a document with an automatically assigned creation date and one that you have set to mean something entirely different. Anyway, hope this make sense.



Gotcha. Thanks.

the other Matt