Sorter: Add support for Markdown


I’m writing all my texts in Markdown. While Devonthink now supports markdown documents, the result of creating a note in the sorter is at least a RTF note, which I can convert to text later, but not to Markdown.

Please let us create Markdown notes in the Sorter.


Kludge approach: Although the Sorter note will be in rich text format, you could still type the character markers used in Markdown.

If you keep an empty Markdown Template in DEVONthink, a new Markdown document can be created, and opened as Markdown. Copy/paste the text from the Sorter note into it and Save. Delete the original rich text note.

Yes, that’s clumsy, but possible. Hey, you should see the convolutions in some of my kludges. :slight_smile:

Of course, if DEVONthink is running, a more straightforward approach would be to create the note in Markdown and Save it to the Inbox. If DEVONthink isn’t currently running, Save the new note to a Finder folder, and move its contents to the Inbox folder next time DEVONthink is launched.

Yeah, clumsy :wink:.

I might try to create a script which creates a new Markdown document in the Inbox and then opens this with the external application, which in this case would be the fantastic MOU. Thanks to Autosave after that I don’t have to think about it.

Any chance to start an Applescript via a global hotkey? In some OS X version you could add the hotkey to the filename, but I think that they removed that functionality.


MOU doesn’t need to be scriptable. All that is required is opening the file which is what the Finder does, when MOU is the default app for .md.

Any number of third-party utilities will do that-FastScripts, LaunchBar, Alfred, Keyboard Maestro, perhaps even Quicksilver which is free…

However, is there any reason why just launching MOU and saving the new documents directly to the DEVONthink Global Inbox from MOU is not an option? Seems like a simper process, while achieving the same result.

This would require some more manual steps. I want to press hotkey, let the script create the document in the Inbox and open it in MOU. And when I finished writing I just can quit MOU without doing anything more than pressing CMD-Q and the document gets autosaved back to DT.

So long as the time I spend in writing or editing notes takes three, four or more orders of magnitude more time to think and type than to handle the mechanics of opening and saving the note, I don’t worry about the latter. Usually, I’m multitasking—thinking about what I’m going to write while I’m creating/opening the note.

If you create a template of an empty MOU document in DEVONthink’s collection of templates, you can assign a keyboard shortcut to invoke that template within the frontmost database/group (see the naming convention for the Annotation template). A new, empty MOU document will be created. To start writing, select the document and click on the Open Externally button in the Toolbar to open the note under MOU.

Likewise, to edit an existing MOU document in your database, select it and click on the Open Externally button to open it under MOU and start editing.

What fraction of your writing/editing time would those mechanics require? :slight_smile:

Coming in late to the game but I’m with Bill on this one. In fact, I have such a Mou template (though I still don’t have a need for Markdown), easily creating new Mou docs on-the-fly.

I now created a Markdown file, exported it as a template with a hotkey. I can now bring Devonthink into foreground, press two hotkeys and edit the new file in MOU. This seems to work (for now), but still feels clunky.

Put your template (or any template) into ~/Library/Application Support/DEVONthink Pro 2/Templates.noindex/Toolbar. Restart DEVONthink. You can now use View > Customize Toolbar… to drag that template from the “Favorite Item…” dialog onto the toolbar. When done, then merely click the icon to create a new document based on the template.

One click. Only telepathy is faster :unamused:

Thanks for the tip Korm.