Sorter Copy Selection Hotkey not importing to Select Group

For some reason, my Copy Selection Hotkey now just dumps everything into global inbox, and I no longer can import into “Destination: Select group” as I used to be able to. I can still drag a clipping over the dock icon and get the “select group” window to pop-up.

It is just with the copy selection hotkey that it doesnt work; I have tried using different hotkey combinations, but it doesnt seem to matter. I have tried playing with the import preferences for Destination: select group, restarting sorter and DT, but that also doesnt seem to matter.

Is there another way to reset this preference to get it working again?

This Sorter hot key has always been associated with the global Inbox in the Sorter and therefore it ends up in the same group in DEVONthink. This was never different.