Sorter - default drag/drop

When I drag a file/group from within Devonthink to the sorter, I want the sorter to make copy of the file/group in the sorter box I drop in. Instead a little arrow appears when I hover over the sorter box with the material to be dropped, and when I drop, it does not copy - but does something else (I can’t quite figure out what - replicate?, it doesn’t seem exactly so). Anyway, I want to set as a default that when I drop something from within Devonthink onto a sorter box, the sorter makes a copy. Is this possible, and how?

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When dragging from DT to the Sorter:

  • If you press OPTION when dragging, the Sorter will show a plus sign ("+") at the cursor position and a duplicate will be made in that group.
  • If you press COMMAND, the Sorter will show only the cursor, and the item will be moved to the new group.
  • If you don’t press any key, the Sorter will show the curvy arrow that you reported, and the item will be replicated in the new group. EDIT: EXCEPT if the target group is not in the same database as the group from which you are dragging the document, the item will be duplicated in the new group and not replicated. It’s not possible to replicate across databases. Nonetheless, the default curvy arrow cursor remains. This is the default “alias” cursor in OS X, too.

Yes - thank you! Is it possible to rearrange this, so that the file is moved by default, not replicated?

Not likely.

Please note, I edited my former response to clarify conditions under which replicants are made.