Sorter Display Not Visible on Specific Monitor Resolutions

I have been adjusting the displayed resolutions on some of my monitors - they are 5K monitors but when used for displaying text, sometimes one of the lower resolution options is preferred.

If I go to the sorter in the menu bar and type the word Important on a monitor which is 3200 * 1800, it works fine like this:

But if I do the same exact think on a monitor with resolution 3360 * 1890, this is what I get:

If I click away from the Sorter and then choose it again, then I do get the correct display on the higher resolution setting:

Another example on the higher resolution setting searching for “Software”:

And then the better view after deselecting and re-selecting the sorter on the same monitor:

Development will have to assess this.

Is the monitor used the main screen or a secondary screen on a Mac book pro? If it is a secondary monitor where is it positioned in relation to the main screen.

It happens on one or more of five monitors horizontally on a new Mac Pro with AM Radeon Pro 580x graphics card. Which monitor(s) are affected depends on how I set the resolution on each one. (By the way- overall performance of DT3 is terrific on this system - even with simultaneous web server users uploading large documents, which used to slow everything down.)


Thanks. I don’t have a 5K monitor to test this, however I have found an issue that could potentially be causing the problem. This will be added to the next update.

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Thanks - much appreciated