Sorter error message


after dropping a file on the Sorter inbox, this error message appears:

What’s wrong?

EDIT: the error message appears when I drop a RTF. With PDFs a blub sound is played, but I cannot find the PDF in DTPO later. It should appear in the global inbox of DTPO, right?

Regards, Uwe

Check the write permissions on ~/Library/Caches and its subfolders. And to be safe also ~/Library/Application Support and its subfolders. Also, in the Console you should find a technical message with more info. Please send your results to

The file I was dropping on the inbox was an app not a RTF document. I thought it was a RTF because it had an RTF icon. Sorry about that confusion.

But what I still do not understand is where the dropped files should appear in DTPO. I can find them in ~/Library/Application Support/DevonThink Pro 2/Inbox, but where can I find them in DTPO? The labels “Global Inbox” and “Global Trash” are both grayed out in the sidebar.

I also checked write permissions in ~/Library/Caches and ~/Library/Application Support.

Please read the documentation such as the Upgrader’s Guide and the release notes. It describes some of the features that are “under construction”. You will find that the DEVONthink Inbox will be supported in the next public beta.

Thanks for clarification. The interim solution provided here works pretty well.

Regards, Uwe