Sorter-inboxes are not renamed accordign to Names of groups


i use two DB´s, each INbox is represented in a Sorter-Inbox. When I put a document into the Sorter, I always wonder what inbox belongs to what DB. I tried to rename the inboxes of the different DB´s. That worked. Unfortunately, the according names in the sorter remain unchanged.

It would be nice, if the Sorter-Boxes could be named individually.


Uups. I just found out, how it works…! Pull our the group from the sorter, rename it in DTPO, put it in the Sorter again.
No offence…

thanks for the feedback! I’ve forwarded this as the Sorter should automatically rename the groups.

The Sorter does update the name of the inbox after it has been changed in DevonThink. If you rename an inbox in DevonThink, the Sorters name will update the next time you drag an entry to that inbox on the sorter.