Sorter - lower tab position

I know there has been a previous discussion about the position options of the Sorter tab. I have my sorter set bottom left, I find for the most part this seems to be the best place not to get in the way of other apps. All except for one major annoyance - I use VLC with the scrub bar visible, in full-screen, the DT3 tab it directly over part of the playback control, as shown.


Would it be possible to lift the bottom edge of the lower tabs just a little more? It doesn’t just effect VLC, if a Facebook video is playing in full-screen, the play button is in the exact same place, only it is impossible to use with the tab in this position, shown below.


Thanks for the report! We’ll look into this.

Just a reminder of this one. Please fix.

Still finding it immensely irritating trying to stop/start just about any video provider’s fullscreen interface with the DT tab in my favoured bottom left position. Can you move this bottom tab to miss video player.

Youtube - can’t scroll back to start

BitChute - can’t play/stop

Brand New Tube - can’t play/stop

Above post, Facebook - can’t play/stop