Sorter only captures Desktop?

Using DT3 on a MacBook Air with 10.15.4. When I use the Capture tool, the Selection item always captures the Desktop photo, not the item I am outlining. Regardless of what I’m trying to capture, I only get the Desktop photo. What do I do? Thanks, Tim

The actual capturing of the screen is done by Apple’s screen capture tool so could you try running the following command in the Terminal application

screencapture -s -x -t jpg ~/test.jpg

It is the equivalent of capturing a selection of the screen in DEVONthink. It will save the image to test.jpg in your home folder. Are you getting the same results?

Nothing happens when I put that into Terminal. All though I’m am not familiar with the Terminal application and might be doing something wrong? Any other suggestions pls, Thanks, Tim

Post a screen capture of your screen after running the command.

Screen Shot 2020-05-05 at 11.23.46 AM

May be relevant to my problem: on my Mac I can (and frequently do) use the screen capture command Shift-Command-4 and it works fine. Just can’t get the DT3 Capture / Selection feature to work, pls help. Thanks, Tim

And I have a separate, additional problem with the Sorter / Capture tool: when I select the Window option, the DT3 turns blue, cursor looks like a camera, but can’t do any thing with it. When I press the touchpad, the blue highlight on the DT3 screen goes away, but nothing is captured? Am I doing something wrong here? Thanks, Tim

Enable System Preferences > Security & Privacy > Privacy > Screen Recording for DEVONthink.

That fixed both of my Sorter problems, many thanks! All the best, Tim