Sorter only in Pro?

Been using DT Personal 2.0 for a while and kept hearing about the ‘sorter’. I can’t find it anywhere, so I’m guessing it’s only in the Pro version?

I also can’t find anything about it on the DT website. No screenshots, it’s not listed in differences between the personal and pro editions either.

Can anyone give me a brief description of what the sorter does? Just a brief description would be fine. I love the personal edition and would rather not download the pro edition just to see what the sorter basically does.

Thanks :slight_smile:

Far as I can tell, it’s completely useless. A little drawer comes out from the side of the screen, you drag a file to the Inbox icon, and… nothing. Apparently, it’s supposed to send this to the Inbox in DT Pro, but there are far easier ways to do this, even if it worked as advertised.

The Sorter isn’t needed for DT Personal, as the Personal edition has only one database.

As documented, the Sorter’s global Inbox hasn’t been activated in public beta 1 of DT Pro/Office.

But the Sorter can be used in the current beta. The Inboxes of databases (as well as selected groups) can be dragged into empty pigeonholes in the Sorter. Items dragged into those Inboxes or groups will immediately be sent to the appropriate database Inbox/group if the database is open. If the database is not open at that time, it will be sent to the database when it is next opened.

Thus, the Sorter is functional for adding information to databases even when DT Pro/Office is not running.

Ah. I beg your pardon.

The sorter would still be very useful in the Personal edition, IMO. That is my preferred method of importing data regardless of the number of open databases. It keeps me from keeping DT open in the background all of the time. This was one of the features that pushed me into purchasing the Pro version instead of the Personal edition.

Third screenshot on this page:

Plus there is a section in the user manual that comes in the DT disk image that tells how to resize, reposition, etc.

I really like the idea of the sorter. Now if I could only move the tab around. Try and open one of Adobe Illustrator and the Sorter covers the toolbar on the left of the screen. I know I can move the toolbar around but I don’t want to … :smiley:

You can “fly” the Sorter rapidly back and forth from the left side to the right side of the screen.

Grab the Sorter and “swoop” it rapidly upwards and to the right. Now it’s on the right side. Swoop it upwards and to the left, to return to the left side of the screen.

Practice and dexterity make perfect. :slight_smile:

I tried your suggestion and it was actually very easy :stuck_out_tongue: Thanks!! I also found out I can move the sorter up and down. That too is very helpful.