Sorter options

There needs to be an option to Always Hide or Always Ignore when another application goes full screen. The fact that Sorter asks for every application gets annoying when there’s a case when I full screen an app, walk over to my couch, and then realize that Sorter is mucking up the screen asking me if I think I’ll want to sort documents in the middle of a TV show.

I know I only have to pick once per app on the first full-screen event, but it gets on my nerves that I can’t just say “Always Ignore”.

While I’m on it, “Ignore” seems like the wrong wording. “Stay on screen” sounds more appropriate. “Ignore” sounds like it may mean the same as “Cancel”, but then the fact I have to think about this decision gets me annoyed when I didn’t want to have to think about it to begin with.

PLEASE add the ability to change individual application settings rather than forcing ME to reset ALL application settings for this “feature”.

But I’d rather have an “Always Hide/On-Screen” option before specific settings.

If the problem were only so simple. Yours is just one typical use-case, but there are many others. They all have different options, sometimes they want the Sorter to be visible and sometimes they won’t. The identifying information can only be determined at the time the event occurs, so even though we thought of your solution it doesn’t fit the wide problem-space that we as developers have to face.

Maybe at a later stage when we have a lot less on our development plate we will look into making this nicer. I’m sorry, but for now this is not a high priority item.

Thanks, really. I just want my frustration heard, and to be honest, it’s good to know the developer of a product I love is listening to it’s users.

Thought I would weigh in briefly on this. When I’m using a graphics program like Photoshop or Painter, I need all my screen to accommodate the image on which I’m working as well as the many palettes I need open at any given time. While the Sorter is, for the most part, pretty unobtrusive it’s still a slightly annoying presence.
In these applications, I rarely use full screen mode and I’ll never need to access the Sorter. An option to hide the Sorter when certain applications are active would work best for my situation.
Not a big deal.

Sorry to dredge up this old post, but this “feature” of the Sorter has been driving me crazy lately. As a developer myself, I understand that implementing features is nearly never as simple as users imagine. However, I found the above explanation vague and difficult to follow. I’ve personally never run into a full-screen app in which it would make sense to use the Sorter, and I have a lot of apps.

Have you ever heard of the 80/20 rule? Sure, there are probably hundreds of use cases. But based on my experience and supposition, I would argue that at least 80% of users want Sorter to either: (1) always hide when going full screen or (2) never hide when going full screen.

It rarely (if ever) makes sense to design for the 20%, which I exactly what I think the current “ask every time” functionality is geared for.

Of course, I don’t have access to any of your customer research or user testing data and I didn’t go out and interview a bunch of DT users to see what they actually want. So I could be totally off base here. But I’d still be baffled if you could show me evidence that any significant portion of DT Sorter users want the fullscreen functionality as is.

Trying out the new iOS app, looking through my old forum posts.

Looks like this was never completely sorted out when App Full Screen was introduced. I had about 5 stacked dialogs for this exact complaint when returning from a few full-screen spaces.

Glad to see the per-application list was included!