Sorter position


I’m trying DT 2.0pb4 on two Macs with OS X 10.5.6. On one I can move the Sorter only to the left or right side of the screen on the other Mac I can also move the Sorter to the bottom of the screen. On both Macs the Dock is on the bottom of the screen with autohide.

How can I move the Sorter on the other Mac to the bottom? I tried reinstalling pb4 manually, but it does not work.

Personally, I wouldn’t even try to place both the Dock and the Sorter on the bottom of the screen, as there are likely to be accessibility problems. Like you, I’ve got the Dock set to hide unless my cursor is in the Dock area.

I keep the Sorter on the right side of my screen, about a quarter of an inch above the bottom of the scroll bar. I can drag the scroll bar upwards or downwards ‘through’ the Sorter, and the Sorter is pretty well out of the way of everything else.

See screenshot: Sorter placement.jpg

My Dock is very small. So why is it possible to move the Sorter to the bottom on my first Mac and not on my second Mac?

You cannot move the Sorter to the side of the screen that contains the Dock. The only way I can imagine this could happen is when you placed it there and later on decided to move the Dock to the same side of the screen.

That’s not true: …

It’s always possible, also after rebooting, but only on this one Mac.

And that’s what I want for all of my Macs.

Your Mac has done one improbable thing now, why not round it off with breakfast at Milliway’s? :wink:

The only way this is possible is that on that particular machine the Dock uses a different way to store the value that indicates where it is located. If you open up Terminal on that Mac and enter this command:

defaults read orientation

What does it return?

The result is:

The domain/default pair of (, orientation) does not exist

On this Mac I never moved the dock, so it could be the default. After moving the Dock around it’s not possible to place the the Sorter on the dock’s side after relaunching it. So I know how to fool DT, thanks. :wink:

Thanks, that was the other solution that I hadn’t thought of since I always move the Dock to the NeXT side. I’m afraid it is now fixed for the next release though. :wink: