Sorter Shortcuts

Is there a keyboard shortcut to jump directly to the Location field in the Sorter? I don’t like reaching for the mouse for this. :slight_smile: I checked the help files and searched the forum, but couldn’t find anything. Generally, are there any “hidden” shortcuts that are not in the (rather short) help page?

There isn’t a shortcut to jump directly to the Location field however you should be able to tab to the field.

Thank you! There is no visual indication that the Location field is selected in dark mode, but it works with tabbing. Do you by any chance know a trick to tab out the Body field instead of inserting a tab?

CTRL+Tab should work for that field.

It does, thank you again!

However CTRL+Tab only jumps from Body to URL to Tags to Name and then to Body again. Location is not in the loop.

Which option in the Sorter are you using Note, Web clip ?

The location field will not have a highlight around it when you tab to it however pressing the space bar will open the selection menu.

Note, I mostly use it with the Copy Selection Hotkey (Cmd+Alt+9).