Sorter start at login for DT 3?

Am I crazy or is there no longer an option to run the Sorter in the background at startup on OSX when DevonThink is not open, DT3?


Well, you certainly may be crazy but it’s probably not related to DEVONthink. :thinking::wink:
(Couldn’t resist!) :stuck_out_tongue:

And no, there’s no Login item option no since the Sorter is integrated into DEVONthink, not a standalone application.

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That’s disappointing. I’m sure you all have good reasons for combining them, but the standalone sorter was one of the best features of DTPro.

I’m sure you all have good reasons for combining them

Indeed, we do!
And yes, the requests are noted but there are some fundamental changes that make integration a better option programmatically.

Just seeking a clarification. In DT 3 is sorter tab in dock only available when DT is open? That is, it is no longer possible to drop things into inboxes if DT is closed? Thanks for any reply.

That is correct. The Sorter - regardless if it’s a docked tab or menubar item - is integrated into DEVONthink 3. It is not a standalone application, so DT3 needs to be running for it to be visible and used.

Thanks for the quick reply. One other question if I may, off topic at bit: Is development still continuing on Devonthink to Go. Curious if it will become a more robust standalone app for people who use iPad as primary computer, or if it will always depend on syncing to Mac program? Thanks again.

Yes, it is still under development but it is on a different development cycle than DEVONthink in macOS.

It currently doesn’t “depend on the Mac program”, and many people use it as a standalone. However, it works best as a powerful companion app to the Mac version.

Remember, iOS ≠ macOS and despite the hype from Apple, there are operating system, hardware, and experiential difference between the two that inhibit full feature parity between DEVONthink and DEVONthink To Go.

Maybe it will be in the future, but it’s certainly not possible now.

Thanks again for the quick replies. Appreciate the information.

You’re very welcome :slight_smile:

Color me bummed out. Programming issues or not, I for one want to use the sorter without DT running. Thank you for your responses to questions.

I “drop” things in all the time. I use the “Global Inbox in Save Dialogs”, available from the Menu: DEVONthink3/Install Addins…" saving PDFs, notes, etc when DEVONthink not running. Then when DEVONthink starts it pulls them into the Inbox.

That being said, I keep DEVONthink running all the time. I’ve not noticed it’s a drain on any resources on either of my Mac’s.

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