I have d/l the latest Devon Note Pro – with the sorter.
Great idea but I can’t seem to make it work.
I have tried various docs, website clips etc, dragging them into the dropbox. It makes an encouraging sound, but nothing appesrs, in the sorter or in the database. The option to flush the cache is greyed out.

Please read the documentation such as the Upgrader’s Guide and the release notes. It describes some of the features that are “under construction”. You will find that the DEVONthink Inbox will be supported in the next public beta. In the meantime you can drag one from your database to the Sorter.

er . . . why does the sorter appear on my desktop then, if it doesn’t yet work?

I think it’s just the Global Inbox within the Sorter that’s not working yet. Add a folder from a database to one of those empty inboxes. The box will still look empty, but it will have the name of that folder and as you add files, their icons will show up in the empty space, ready to be added to that database when it’s opened.

The Sorter is working fine and it sends the files to the right place. DEVONthink doesn’t yet pick them up. You can drag groups from DEVONthink into the Sorter as placeholders. They work fine since they are connected to the database.