Sorting by PDF Annotations

Hi, long-time Devonthink user and forum lurker here. I’m very excited by the 3.0 launch of DevonThink because by the looks of it, it fulfills most if not all of my wants and needs.

Since I have countless annotated PDFs, being able to sort or display these ‘by annotations’ comes highly anticipated. Unfortunately, it may be too early in the beta to use this feature to its full potential since only a few out of hundreds of PDFs show up as having annotations.

Do I chalk this up to being a work in progress or is there something I can do, i.e. importing said files/folders instead of indexing, etc, to make DevonThink display/recognise them accordingly?

FWIW my annotations are made in PDF Expert or Goodreader.

Welcome @mber

Please post a screen capture of what you’re referring to. Thanks.

Sure, so here’s the view from a folder that contains 94 PDFs, each of them annotated in either PDF Expert, Goodreader or Highlights.

Only 4 out of 94 PDFs show up as having highlights. In fact, these are the only PDFs out of 500-1000 documents (research papers, articles and books) spread over 3 databases that register as annotated in DevonThink.

In DEVONthink, hold the Option key and choose Help > Report Bug to start a support ticket. Please ZIP and attach one or two PDFs that aren’t showing they have annotations.


The items were probably imported by version 2 and therefore the index doesn’t contain all the latest metadata (e.g. number of annotations/attachments, language etc.). Rebuilding will fix this.