Sorting contents with groups and tags

I was not sure how to name the subject …

I want to do things, that i would expect to be totaly easy and fast.
But they either do not work at all, or maybe with some workaround that did not occure to me.

Let´s describe:

Say, you have some top level group PDFS.
It contains lots of other groups and most items are tagged.
But those contents are work, hobby, family and other topics mixed.
And you want to separate them better.

Say, you want to seperate all PDFS that are in this or that subgroup and also items with some tags to a new top level group: WORK

How to do that?

It does not seem to be possible …

I am going to describe the problems and what happened in my next posting.

Entering the Global Inbox, you can then select PDFS, the top level group.

In this group, there are items tagged with “family” and “work”.
(Of course, those tags are also used in other top level groups)

So, you open the search box, select “This group” and enter:


This shows all the items tagged “work” in this group.

And then?

You cannot select them at all.
You cannot do nothing with them.
The only thing you can do is, to touch one of the items - then it opens on the right side.

But i need to handle the complete selection!
So, how can i select all those 500 items and move them into the new top level group “work”?
Or give them new tags … or whatever else.

Am i doing something work?

Or is this just buggy?

some things has to be done on a Mac - e. g. using pre-defined scripts or built-in features of the Mac version. DT2go is not 1:1 like the Mac app :slight_smile: