SORTING fundemental functionality issue: Sidebar vs. Panel sorting

I do a lot of file exporting from Scrivener and various other tools then I import those files & folders (as hierarchial containers) into DEVONthink. To keep the original - before import - hierarchal structure in DEVONthink, I need to sort these files & folders by Date Added. In the pane view I can do that just fine, however, the sidebar only allows sorting by name or kind. In this context group browsing is essentially pointless. The unsorted option is also not helpful when bringing in 21,000+ containers. I hope this feature will be “fixed” in the near future.

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Thanks for the suggestion, we’ll consider this for future releases.


I would also like to be able to sort the sidebar by other means, in my case based on custom metadata. This is not currently possible from the contextual sort menu – however, is it possible with applescript? In general, can a script be used to manipulate any aspects of the appearance or sort order of the sidebar?

No you can’t sort the sidebar via AppleScript.

@cgrunenberg : When you set the Navigate sidebar to Unsorted, the order will change but you can’t drag and drop the groups to reorder them there. Is that expected?

Do you use unified databases (see preferences)?

No. And I see it works when the database is unified.

The next release will fully support it in case of disabled unified databases too.