Sorting Groups & Privacy


First question: In a few of my databases I have a need for some of my groups to be unsorted while leaving the others to be sorted in other ways, usually alpha. Yet, what I have found is that the sort method I apply to one group is automatically applied to the rest of the groups in that database. Is there a way to get around this? In other words, can I use different sort methods for different groups within the same database?

Second question: I can’t seem to turn off privacy. When I created one of my databases I used the privacy feature, which I no longer need. (Yes, the paranoia has passed!) So, I went to FILE>DATABASE PROPERTIES, clicked on the padlock button and deleted the user name and password. I then closed that window and the database. But when I opened that database again, it prompted for a password again. In fact, upon opening its DataBase Properties panel I found the password and user name still there. I tried this a few more times with the same result, then went on to more fruitful endeavors. Please advise.

Thank you.

Sure. Just open groups in their own windows, and you can sort them differently. You can even have two copies of the same group (or of your top-level view) open at the same time, with different sorts.

Try this: In Database Properties, unlock the password setting. Delete the password (only). Lock the new password setting. Close the database, then reopen it. Is a password required? If not, here’s a question to consider: If you move that database to another UserName environment, what will happen?

Unless I’m storing data related to national security, I avoid passwords as much as possible – almost entirely, in other words. The best protection of data is physical protection.

I will never activate FileVault, because too many things (other than forgetting my password) could go wrong.

If I really, really need to provide security to data, I’ll use an encrypted disk image. But if I forget the password, my data will be really, really gone.

If you are using the 3-pane view, then you can apply a different sorting for every group.

Bill and Christian, thank you for your help. The privacy issue on that one database is now fixed, and the sort solution in the 3-pane view is the option I was looking for.