Sorting records by datetime - is it possible to see the full time?

Hi team, always loving my DT.

Lately I have been adding a large number of screenshots (from other sources), and the merge option has been very useful. One minor issue, is if 2 screenshots have a datetime of, say 5/10/19 11:34 AM, but they were taken a few seconds form each other, it is hard to confirm that they are sorted correctly - sometimes sorting by date (e.g., Created) seems to disregard the seconds value. Can anything be done about this?


What are you taking screen captures with and are you renaming them?
The macOS default includes the seconds in the filename.
DEVONthink’s Sorter > Screen Capture also includes the seconds in the filename.

Also, if you are sorting by Date Added or Date Created, it may not display the seconds in the item list, but it is accounting for the seconds in the sorting.

Hi Jim, my apologies for taking so long to reply.

And thanks for the insight! - I figured out what happened, and it was not obvious. I had the iPhone screenshots ingested into Adobe Lightroom and exported from there - making sure nothing was changed. Well, it was. What I did not realize at first, Lightroom processes several files in parallel, and as it happens the modification dates were not aligned with the file numbers - in other words, I thought LR would export them in sequence, it didn’t :slight_smile:
I have no clue how to do this, LR will queue the files and spit them out any way it likes… so maybe some other way of transferring the iPhone files to DT will be better.

On an iPad supporting split screen you could use drag and drop between Photos (or other apps supporting drag and drop)_, like so…


Jim - thanks, it works perfectly!! - now to reactivate my iCloud so I can get my photos from the iPhone into the iPad

You’re the best!


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Thanks for the kind words. It’s very appreciated. :slight_smile: