Source URL to follow along

When sharing a selection from an iOS browser to DTTG, I would love the URL of the source document to be added to the URL field.

Unfortunately the URL is not shared with the text snippet. Do you use Clip to DEVONthink? It should save the URL.

Yes I use “clip to DT” but the URL is not captured in the URL field. I tried in Safari and chrome mobile.

I just tried and it captures the URL too. How exactly do you summon Clip to DEVONthink, what do you see in the mini window, and in which format do you add it to DEVONthink To Go? The URL is not added to the URL metadata field of the captured document?

So …
I am using v2.7.1 just in case.
I summon C2DT from the text selection contextual menu item “share”. See screenshot

And it is independent of the format i save into.

Confirmed and already internally reported.

The URL is captured in the toolbar menu > Share > Clip to DEVONthink but not in the popup > share.

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The popup only shares the actual text but not the URL. iOS does not pass it along and so there’s no way for Clip to DEVONthink to know where the text snippet came from.

Damn. Thx for having considered the request.

You’re most welcome. And welcome to the walled garden of iOS.