Spaced repetition with Markdown documents via Neuracache app (using DT items as flashcards incl. automatic content updates)


I’ve learned about many super useful applications through the DevonThink forums, and thought I’d share a recent discovery that might add value to other users here.

I recently started using a spaced repetition app called Neuracache, which is able to watch a folder of Markdown documents on iOS and update its own database accordingly every couple hours or by triggering a manual “sync”.

This makes it practical to use DevonThink contents directly for spaced repetition on iOS via iCloud sync, with real-time updates of the spaced repetition database after changing the Markdown documents in DevonThink.

I’m using Chronosync to one-way synchronize a folder of Markdown documents indexed in DevonThink to a folder in iCloud. This folder then gets watched by Neuracache and is the single source of truth for the spacaed repetition database, which is updated based on the folder contents. Alternatively, I’m sure something similar could be achieved by a Smart Rule.

What makes this workable is also that Neuracache doesn’t require ANY markdown syntax, if all you want to do is to use the contents of Markdown documents for review. The title of the file becomes the question and the contents become the answer. Alternatively, there are flexible and non syntax-heavy ways to designate various contents in Markdown documents as question-answer pairs.

hashtags can be used to sort the question-answer pairs into decks. And as for the spaced repetition algorithms, they are the same as Anki’s except there are multiple options.

So yeah, this has been a real discovery for me, so would be curious about others’ experiences if someone tries it out. Finally, since I realize this post may have sounded like an ad: No affiliation with the creators.