Spam on the Forum

The spammers have been horrible here lately-posting 20, 30, or more messages across the board in almost no time. Can’t something else be done, if nothing else implement some kind of flood control?

I’ve removed the spam.

I’ve removed spammers and their posts a number of times. My guess is that the Questions and Answers section of the forum has been picked as the target in one of those automatic spam posting applications.

Maybe change the name of that section?

Another day, and again the board is hammered with multiple spammers.

This is really annoying for me and everybody else who reads via RSS feed. Even if the spam is removed, it’s still in the feed and has to be clicked away.

My guess is that spammers abuse this forum because it’s too easy to automate posting as new user. And I don’t think this spam will cease on its own (it never has, on the contrary).

How about an anti-spam feature for new users (e.g. those, which are not yet “Sr. Members”)? For example they could be limited to a certain number of posts per day or per hour, or have to solve a CAPTCHA before every post? Another option would be to have a moderator check the first posts of a new member, before they are visible to the public.

Anything that makes it difficult for spammers without affecting regular usage of the forum would help.

I’m a frequent poster - and I wouldn’t mind filling out a Captcha box each time I post.