Spark instead of Apple Mail


I switched from Mail (Apple) to Spark and it is annoying to fire up Mail instead of Spark sending in E-Mail from DT. Please give the customer the choice which mail client is used. If I overlooked something give me a hint please.


Is Spark the default email application on your Mac? You can e.g. change this via Apple Mail’s preferences.

Spark does not support AppleScript. You should consider that.

Thanks for pointing me to setting Spark as the default mail application inside Apple Mail.
I overlooked this possibility. Strange place doing this from Apple Mail…



you can send dpo a file to spark via the “share” button. This works fine for me.
See the screenshot

Greetings Olaf

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I am just moving back to Spark from Apple Mail and was looking for a way to get emails to DT. What I ended up doing was to use the Create Link option (in the message menubar … button) in Spark to create a link to the email (which is copied to the clipboard). Then I used the plus icon in DT menubar. The top entry is With Clipboard. That creates a link to the email thread. Then, DT gives you the option to open in Spark when you go to the DT entry.

Just a couple of steps, but I’m going to explore if there’s a way to do this with Keyboard Maestro.

At first that seemed a good idea but it does mean that DT doesn’t index the email and so it doesn’t show up in searches.