'Speak' not working on iPad or iPhone in DTG 3.5.1

That’s it really…If I select a paragraph and choose ‘speak’ from the contextual menu that appears, nothing apparently happens. On these devices, it works in other apps as expected for this function and it is read out as expected. Happy to file a fuller report but wanted to check whether i’d missed something obvious first.

Works here for a PDF on an iPad.

Hmm… I’m seeing an issue with PDFs as well.

@aedwards: Do you see the same behavior?

I presume the kind shows as PDF+Text
If not you may need to OCR before hand

Yes, it is a PDF with a text layer.

likewise mine. Same document read out fine on the Mac, within Devonthink.

Just quickly did a more thorough test. Using the Accessibility features (eg swipe down with two fingers from top, on iPad), it worked. Selecting text and tapping ‘Speak’ did not work on the same paragraph. (At least I have a workaround now!) But so far for me it’s been the same document does not work on iPhone or two iPads so it’s not the machine, it must be something to do with DTG (and yes, with text layer).

Thanks for the clarification.
We’ll have to look into this and see if we can determine the cause. It may be a PSPDFKit or iOS issue.

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By the way, it is a PSPDFKit issue.