Specifying a custom URL for Devonthink web, is it possible?

I wonder if I can specify a custum URL (pointing to a mac mini with it’s proper business SSL certificate)?


This isn’t possible. But why don’t you run the web server on the Mac mini?

Thanks so far, may I ask another question?
I’m exploring the demo of Devonthink 3 right now. I created a new database in the app. However, if I go over to the web site, the database is not displayed under open databases. Tried to figure it out myself using the user guide but was unable to find any information on this topic.

Did you enable any permissions (see Preferences > Server > Users) for the database(s)?

OK, thanks, now I understand :grinning:

Is there a way to display user defined fields in the web as well? (see screenshot)

Thanks for your snappy help. much appreciated over here.
best, Andreas

This isn’t possible yet but planned for future releases.

While you cannot display custom metadata for individual records with the web server, you can highlight a set of documents and choose Tools-Create Metadata Overview. The resulting report contains any populated custom metadata fields; it displays well on the web server if you convert it to HTML format.

OK, understood.

I’m evaluating Devonthink in order to build up a web accessible library for a group of researchers. This is why I love to see this added as quick as possible

You mean by storing the HTML reports within Devonthink? Might be an (static) option, but not so suitable for searching and querying, right?

Correct - as a static option

If your query is repeated/predictable, then a workaround would be to set up a Smart Group with your query parameters. You can include custom metadata in the criteria for a Smart Group, and you can view smart groups with the web server.

I do agree there is tremendous potential to tweak the custom metadata feature further with regard to queries and reporting in the future.

Hi again

Tried to reach the Devonthink Server from home and I realize that I could only achieve to get a local link. Which setting is needed to connect via the internet ?

You need to configure port forwarding on your router so the port on which the web server runs is forwarded to the computer running the web server. Plus you need to know the IP address for your home.

I actually do use port forwarding but all I get is a local address such as bonjourname.fritz.box:52750

Can I really connect from a remote computer via internet or is the web server of devonthink just capable for local connections within the same network?

It really connects via a remote computer.

Are you sure it does not give you an alternate address with your IP address instead of the local name, i.e. http://a.b.c.d:52750

As noted in the built-in Help > Documentation > In & Out > Web sharing

(Read the third sentence.) :slight_smile:

Any update on when custom metadata columns may be possible on the web server?

We don’t comment on development timeframes. Also, we have a long list of items to address, items which are assessed and prioritized individually. Crashes and bugfixes are top priority.