Spell Check is wonky

Hi all,

Over the past few weeks, maybe longer, I’ve noticed that Spell check isn’t consistently working in DTPO. I’ll enable it on the Edit menu, selecting “Check Spelling while Typing” as well as “Correct Spelling Automatically”, enter some text and the Spell checking works. However, sometimes shortly thereafter, the spell checking is unchecked again. I think that I notice this most often if I switch to another application and then back to DTPO. To my knowledge, none of my other applications are having this issue.

I using Mac OS 10.14.3, and DTPO 2.11.2.


This is a temporary setting for the current view, the permanent settings can be changed in Preferences > Editing.

As a corollary can you explain what the Preference>Editing setting “Text Replacement” does? Presumably replaces text but is this the same as “Correct spelling automatically”?

No, it’s the same setting as e.g. in TextEdit’s prefs and enables Edit > Substitutions > Text Replacement.

Text Replacement is part of Apple’s text engine stuff. They’re defined in System Preferences > Keyboard > Text and function like Typinator or TextExpander do, just on a simpler level.

Thank you, :slight_smile:

You’re welcome.
(I actually use quite a few of these for some internal stuff!)

Doh! I had no idea that the Edit -> Spelling & Grammar settings were temporary. I’m sure that I’ve looked at the Preference -> Editing settings a million times, and never checked it.

Thanks gents!