Spinning Pinwheel when Combining Records

When I am combining records totalling a few hundred pages or more, I get a spinning pinwheel while the task is in progress -which can be a minute or two depending on how long the combined document is.

(1) Is it possible to have some sort of notification (Page XX of XX or File XX of XX) to give an update on progress?

(2) Even more preferrable - is it possible for the combining process to be done in the background so it is still possible to continue using DT3 while that is done?

Would it be correct to conclude that DT3 does not utilize extra cores to allow for multitasking like this in the background? How hard would it be to add support for that for this and other processor-dependent tasks?

I think DEVEONthink (not sure) uses Apple’s PDFKit for this sort of thing, so they may not have any flexibility to display status for you.

If as a test you try Apple Preview to combine these files, is the result the same? I ask that as perhaps a test to ensure that one or more of your files are, from Apple’s perspective, corrupted or different than their programme assumes.

Preview only lets you combine two files at a time - it does not allow you to select a large set of files and combine them.

The point of the suggestion was to check the integrity of the files.

Yes the files work to combine a few of them manually in Preview

The Combine in DT3 also happens with any PDF from any source.