Split document - lock up

Using 2.0.3, when I split a document, the screen becomes unresponsive. Clicking anywhere in DevonThink has no effect whatsoever. I cannot select databases, or document groups. Any click on the application screen does nothing. I can selelct menu items, but they have no effect. So if I choose View > As Icons, nothing happens.

I have to quite the application, which I can do successfully from the menu. Then as soon as I split another document, it happens again. This is causing me considerable problems with my work.

Is it just my machine/installation? And can anyone suggest how I fix it?

I can confirm this behavior. I even have to force quit DTPO. This happened after updating the app.

Thanks for the bug report, v2.0.4 will fix this. In the meantime use Edit > Copy/Cut and Data > New > From Clipboard.

This is a fairly major bug, and I would have thought would warrant a fix without having to wait for a scheduled release.

is there a target date for 2.0.4? This really is causing me major problems with how we work, and the Copy/New work around add very many extra clicks to our workflow.

Usually we don’t announce release dates, I’m sorry. But it will be probably released this summer.

And there’s some current/recent discussion of that topic.

OK, I have the new version (2.0.4). This problem is not fixed.

Split document is working over here on 2.0.4. How large are the documents you are spliting? Have you sent a sample document (one that fails) to DTech support for testing?

It’s working for me as well again in 2.0.5. Thanks for the quick bugfix, Thomas