Split screen notepad - pdf


Can I split the notetaking screen into a writing and a pdf area? If yes - how?

I want to take notes and refer to link them to certain pdf pages which is quickest by having both of them Open at the same time.

Long tap the PDF you want to open, select “open in new window” (or similar, I don’t have access to an iPad just now), then you have TWO DTTG instances that you can put side-by-side.

What “notetaking screen” ?
And what application are you referring to? This is in the DEVONthink section of the forums.

Don’t you think he might mean the document window? :wink: I do it the way @rfog suggests.

If it’s just short notes, they can be written directly into the PDF.

To be honest, I’m not quite sure what is meant after all. :rofl:


might ? Sure. But I don’t know positively. And the answer depends on the application :slight_smile: