Splitting imported documents based on "SEPARATOR-PAGES"

To scan a bunch of different documents it would be great if Devonthink would be able to split documents using “seperation-pages” (with special barcode or special text…) which could inserted into the stack before scanning. Is something like that possible? That would bring workflows and productivity to a next level.
In one sentence: If the content of a page is just “SEPARATOR-PAGE” than discard that page, save all previous pages and start a new document.

So the workflow would be:

  1. Scan to Network Folder
  2. Import to Devonthink and doing OCR
  3. Splitting imported documents based on “SEPARATOR-PAGES”
    1, 2 is no Problem I am looking for step 3

A linux-tool which can be integrated into the workflow would also work:

  1. Scan to Network Folder
  2. OCR with “ocrmypdf-auto”
  3. Splitting tool which looks for “SEPARATOR-PAGES”
  4. Devonthink
    1, 2, 4 is no Problem I am looking for 3

Anny ideas?

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The Queue Mode in scanner module already supports splitting documents with blank separation pages.

Yes, but using blank pages as seperation pages is not meaningfully possible.
There are multipage documents where some pages are duplex (text on both sides) and some pages have text only on one side. So these documents would be seperated in a wrong way.

What are you looking to use as a separator page?

Something like the attached samples. An orientation-failproof-two-side-page.

separation-page.pdf (13.8 KB) separation-page_sample2.pdf (46.6 KB)

Sample 1 preferred :wink:

Thanks for the sample pages. I will look into how we could support different styles of separation pages for a future update.

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