Spotlight and Filing issue

I have PDF’s in DevonThink that cannot be found on Spotlight. However, when I CMD-click and “Show in Finder” it shows me the file in some directory under my Documents folder (within a NAME.dtbase2 file folder). Why is this directory not being searched by Spotlight?

Side question: Can I remove all my files stored within DevonThink while being sure I am not missing anything? I am not trusting it at the moment, and wish to take my research out and just have a DevonThink duplicate of everything until I figure out if I will be using it.


The files that are imported (read: duplicated - so you already have duplicates without having to move the files out) in DTP are stored in a package. (A package is a special kind of folder.) Packages are not indexed by Spotlight. However, if you select File > Database properties and select the desired database, there will be a checkbox for Create Spotlight Index.

I am curious as to what you mistrust about DTP ?
Cheers! 8^)

“Create Spotlight Index” was already checked. I also just clicked “Rebuild” and it now seems to be working. I did recall that this used to work, and stopped, which is what got me nervous. My main fear is that it will “eat my homework” so to speak. I used to dump things in the inbox, and then forget about them, which is more my fault than devonthinks per se.

As much as I love Spotlight, sometimes it lags or stalls. An occasional rebuild isn’t a bad idea. (Just like you need to do periodic maintenance on your car / home / etc., Spotlight needs some occasional upkeep too. :smiley: )