Spotlight indexing in DT3?

Does DevonThink 3 index documents and notes in Spotlight? MacOS’ Spotlight (currently running 10.14) doesn’t seem to pick up DT files, I need to search within DT in order to pull them up.

You can have a database’s data made searchable in Spotlight.

This is controlled in File > Database Properties. From the built-in Help > Documentation > Windows > Database Properties

However, note this…
When you search for a file in Spotlight, the found items will be .dtp2 files. These are the metadata files, not the files in the database. If you reveal the file, it will not be the file you’re looking for. You need to double-click on the result to display the file in your database. So Spotlight can be a quick way you can open a file in the database and interact with it there.

Thanks BLUEFROG, this is very helpful.

You’re very welcome :slight_smile: