Spotlight-support and "Show all attributes"


I am quite happy for the Spotlight-support (at last…). Now <I have become quite attached to seeing the file-attributes in Finder. The DTP-Help mentions that it is necessary to switch them off to get meaningfull spotlight-searches for DTP-entries. Is this REALLY the only way? Is this an Apple-bug? Can you provide more information on this issue (it plages other utillities like Mori too, by the way).

Thanks, Rolf

When you switched on the option to see all file name extensions, the ‘Search “This Mac”’ window does not show the intended document names but the names of the cache files. When the option is switched off, the results will show the correct document names. Bug or feature? We don’t know.

Yes, this is an Apple bug and has been reported to them by several developers who had to deal with this same issue.