I did a search and see conversations going back about a year on this, nothing very recent.

When can we see Spotlight for DevonThink Pro?

Spotlight is absolutely the most important feature on the Mac for me… and to have to wait almost a year for Spotlight support when all the other Note Taking programs added support almost immediately. Arghh!


Version 2 will support this.

Cool… thanks…

I’m excited by the Universl binary that should be coming out soon, but it’s spotlight support that I am most excited about.

Any idea when we might see version 2?

Universal binaries of DEVONagent (v2) and DEVONthink Pro (v1.1) are already available, binaries for DEVONthink Personal and DEVONnote will follow soon.

Spotlight will be great for searching across a bunch of DTpro database though so far I’ve survived without it. :smiley: