Spring Cleaning at Databases and File System and Nextcloud

I have a database which contains the entirely indexed content of a folder in the macOS file system. The same folder is being kept synchronized via Nextcloud and another Mac. Within this folder is a subfolder. This subfolder contains a file hierarchy of appr. 12k items with 7GB of data.

I want to move this subfolder outside the current folder and than index its content in a new database.

What do you think is the most appropriate approach in order to get this done without any data loss. Particularly all tags given in DT3 should have been kept.

move this subfolder outside the current folder

Outside the current folder… where? At the same level as the parent folder?


This isn’t so simply done.
Are you intending to keep the folder indexed in the old and new databases?

After the folder was being moved it should being indexed only in the new database.

Would the following be an appropriate approach?

  1. In Finder copying the folder into its future directory
  2. In DT3 creating a new database and indexing the copied folder
  3. In DT3 deleting the group/folder from its previous database
  4. In DT3 emptying the trash bin