ssl web server

i would like to see the web server function be secure. i would like to be able to access it over the internet in a more secure manner. If this is currently possible please point me to the preferences that need to be setup.

It is not natively supported in DTPO, but I did it with Apache (built in) and using Apache to reverse proxy.

The key thing to add to your Apache config is

    <IfModule mod_proxy_balancer.c>
            ProxyPass / [balancer://balancer-group/](balancer://balancer-group/)
            ProxyPassReverse / [balancer://balancer-group/](balancer://balancer-group/)
            <Proxy "balancer://balancer-group">
                    BalancerMember [](

I use MacOS X Server, but Apache does come with every Mac. Does someone have experience with the base install who can give instructions on how to add this?

Could you please give some more insight into what balancer: actually does? Do you have a URL that I could use to learn more about the inner workings of this patch?

he uses the reverse proxy to provide the content from DTPO server through apache with ssl. that is my best guess.

i have for now decided to use a SSH tunnel to the DTPO server.

i have a script that i run

ssh -L 58485: username@hostname.domain -N

this is assuming that you have port forwarding setup on your router and a static address or dyndns service and a mac, linux or machine that can run ssh.

both ways would work fine.
It still would be nice to have ssl option in DTPO.

PS you guys rock with the super fast replies!

neilm is right, I’m reverse proxying. The syntax is what was spit out by ServerAdmin for my Mac OS X server. I suspect it doesn’t really need the balancer in there (that would be if I had multiple machines running DTPO) but it doesn’t hurt.

Here’s the apache docs for mod_proxy: