Stamps & Smart Rules Issue

Hi There,

I have an issue when stamping a pdf with a smart rule and syncing this to another device.

This is my workflow:

  • General Inbox: Upload PDF File
  • Label the PDF File with a color code
  • After next sync, the smart rule grabs the PDF file, removes the label and stamps it
  • After next sync, I can sync the pdf file to my iPad
  • on my iPad, I can see a preview of the file with the stamp on it
  • when I download the file, the stamp is not visible on the document

What I discovered so far:

  • This seems only to happen when stamping with a smart rule
  • Setting the stamp manually (with the same process - Label, wait for Sync, Stamp, etc), I was not able to see this behavior
  • I can remove the file from the iPad (Remove Locally), sync it again, the stamp is still not there

Any ideas? Is this maybe a bug?
Thank you for your answers.

A screenshot of the smart rule would be useful, thanks.

Here is the screenshot. However it is the other way round. It removes the label and then do the stamp.
I will update the description above.

And her two screenshots for the stamp configuration.

That’s a known issue of the current version, the next release will fix this.

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