Starting a database in dropbox

Hi. For some reason, every time I create a database in my Mac, it starts in the local folder, instead of Dropbox. However, if I start a database on dropbox in my iOS device, I can get it to sync without difficulty.

Is there a way to create a database on my Mac that starts by saving directly in Dropbox?


Using Dropbox on the Mac as the primary location of a database is strongly discouraged and I believe therefore not even possible on DT3.

You need to create the database in a non-cloud location and then use Dropbox simply to sync the data.

I.e., use DEVONthink 3 sync technology to create and manage a sync store for the database via Dropbox. Do not put the database itself in Dropbox.

As @rkaplan and @korm have cautioned, this is unwise. However, it goes even deeper than that:

Due to years of people ignoring our warnings and subsequently damaging their databases from this behavior, DEVONthink explicitly disallows creation of, opening, or syncing a database found in a cloud-synced location.