Starting an "Empty" Database Based on Groups From Another One

I have been using DTPO for years and love it. I have built a database with the “Groups” I like. I would like to start a new database based on all of the Groups of the filled, older database (without all the documents in the groups. Is this possible?

Forgive me if this has been answered before. I searched the discussion board but didn’t find anything.

Thank you.

The fastest way I have found to reproduce a database structure – all of it or some of it – is to export the groups. This creates a new folder hierarchy in the file system. Then you have to do the boring part – delete all the documents in those folders. Create a new database, and import the folder hierarchy. You’ll have the structure you want.

This does not create new smart groups, etc.

Following up on what @korm mentioned, you could do this…

After the export go into the exported folder in the Finder and press Command-F.
Press the plus button (+) and choose Kind is Document. Make sure the scope is set to the exported folder (in my case here, Working Files), NOT This Mac. This will show all the documents in the exported data so you can delete them in one shot.

You may also want to do a second search for Name begins with DEVONtech to get rid of the exported metadata files too.

As an addendum, this could also be accomplished inside DEVONthink IF the group has already been imported into the new database.

And notice the Search in dropdown is targeting a specific group.

The second (potential) downside to this scenario is Tags would have been imported with the files, so you may have to clean them out if they’re unwanted.


Thank you very much for the tips. This will help me a lot. I appreciate both of you taking the time to help.


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No problem at all. :slight_smile:

If I remember correctly, there was a scrip that worked for this. I keep a skeleton group of folders to create my annual database. Copy and Paste

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